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New Inquisition - legal background



From Free Competition of Ideas to 'Info War'
Falling US Empire's New Inquisition against 'Terrorist' Opposition
Opinion Control

FEMA's role includes "prevention of dissident groups from gaining access to U.S. opinion, or a global audience in times of crisis."
-- General Frank Salzedo, chief of FEMA's Civil Security Division, 1983

US Police State Laws, Decrees

1. Surveillance

In totalitarian USSA : "The Party" (CFR) has the right to know all

  • Patriot Act 2001 -"All these laws work together to create a surveillance superstructure"--ACLU

Fusion Centers - warrantless state and local police spying by secret 'administrative subpoenas'

Terrorist Surveillance Program (TSP), by Executive Order, 2002 - Warrantless Domestic Surveillance by NSA

FBI Warrantless Dragnet Spying with National Security Letters (NSLs)

FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Blanket Exemptions from Disclosure

Watch Lists

Terrorist Surveillance Act 2006 -Retroactive Rubber Stamp on Warrantless Federal Wiretapping of Americans in US


2. Indefinite Detention & Torture without Trial

Authorization of Use of Military Force (AUMF) 2001

Military Commissions Act 2006/2009 - Internment & Torture without Trial

NDAA 2012 - Internment & Torture of US Citizens without Trial - US Declares War on Americans in 'homeland'/world-wide 'battlefield'.


French ancien regime 'lettre de cachet' with Louis XVI signature, ca. 1780.


3. 'Kill Lists' - Assassination of US Citizens by Executive Fiat






Legal note: Abrogation of Rule of Law in the US
US state laws now allow--and courts accept--warrantless police spying, on the basis of secret
administrative subpoenas [in violation of Fourth Amendment] giving "authority to ...conduct broad,
warrantless investigations without disclosure into activities protected by the First Amendment".

The same is true on the federal level, with agencies such as the National Security Agency and the
FBI conducting warrantless spying on Americans (see below).

While the legal protections offered in the US Constitution trump any aberrant legislation and executive
orders according to US jurisprudence, this fact is purely academic as long as the courts refuse to
respect that jurisprudence, as now. Legal redress for violation of constitutional rights is therefore
not possible in US courts today, where government spying, torture, indefinite detention and execution
without trial have all been defacto 'legalized' by the circumstance of the judiciary's submission to
the executive(see below).


State 'Fusion Centers' - Organized Stalking & Surveillance





Press Excerpt 1 ('US News' Magazine) - The "Red Squads" Are Back

Return of COINTELPRO Abuse of Civil Liberties


full pdf here


ACLU : "Fusion Centers Spying on Ordinary Citizens"

Press Excerpt 2...





USA Post 9/11 Police State Laws

Federal Warrantless Spying - NSA (National Security Agency), FBI


"Executive Order" 2002 : TSP ('Terrorist' Surveillance Program)

Warrantless Surveillance by NSA (National Security Agency)


Source: Office of US Senator Patrick Leahy, Dem. VT


Press Excerpt 3




Warrants Out of Style at US Supreme Court

ACLU v. NSA 'determined that the Terrorist Surveillance Program (TSP) was illegal...'


More on Executive Orders


Federal 'Dragnets' on Innocent Citizens --senator

Press Excerpt 4




Federal Warrantless Spying - FBI

Patriot Act, new FBI Guidelines [May 30, 2002] Rehabilitate COINTELPRO

Source: Church Commission Report, 1976


full pdf here


FBI's warrantless wiretaps

FBI’s National Security Letters


Source: Nov. 2001 FBI memo

Full text here


Online press excerpt

FBI geo-tracking cellphone users without warrants


Source: ACLU via

full article pdf here



Internet Surveillance

Cisco Systems' mandated data intercept system

Source: Cisco Systems corporate website




Court says FBI lied about surveillance records in FOIA denial

FOIA Exemptions, Denials

Online Press excerpt 2


Read more on the Patriot Act


...Cannot Confirm or Deny whether [you are] on a watch list

Watch lists - a culture of surveillance & secrecy

According to the ACLU, the Terrorist Screening Center had over one million names on its watch lists as of March 2009.

Are these then to be understood to be political dissidents ?




Congress Authorizes Warrantless Wiretaps of Americans

Terrorist Surveillance Act of 2006

March 16, 2006

Re: The  “Terrorist Surveillance Act of 2006,” authorizing warrantless surveillance by NSA
On behalf of the American Civil Liberties Union, and its hundreds of thousands of activists, members and fifty-three affiliates nationwide, we write to express our strong opposition to the “Terrorist Surveillance Act of 2006,” which would authorize warrantless wiretapping of American residents.




2001 Authorization of Use of Military Force (AUMF)- public law 107-40; 50 USC 1541 note -2001 :
"All necessary force" => Cited by Executive as authority for indefinite detention & torture [lettres de cachet] against "911 perpetrators and associated persons", cf. case of US citizen Jose Padilla (2002)

10th anniversary(2011) recap from ACLU:





Torture and murder of detainees

Legal memos used by the Bush administration authorized, among other things, the use of waterboarding, an interrogation
technique that the U.S. previously prosecuted as a war crime. An internal CIA report shows that some interrogators even
exceeded the guidance provided by those memos. And gruesome autopsy reports by Army medical examiners conclude
that the deaths of dozens of detainees in U.S. custody were “homicides” at the hands of their captors.

But the stain of torture extends far beyond the damage to our moral standing in the world. The use of torture — and our failure
to engage in a formal legal reckoning — has contaminated our legal system.--ACLU


Read more on Torture




Superceding AUMF to allow Executive to designate anyone as "enemy combatant" [drops language relating to 911 perps]

Military Commissions Act 2006- Indefinite Detention & Torture - [lettres de cachet]


pdf - ACLU on Military Commissions Act 2006



Press Excerpt 5: Reuters

USA Reverts to 13th century jurisprudence
'Kill Lists' by Executive Fiat



full article pdf

see also:



NDAA 2012 (National Defense Authorization Act) - Martial Law in the USA

Congressional statutory 'affirmation' of military authority for indefinite detention of US Citizens

[Under the bill,]...the US military could arrest ordinary American citizens without reading them their Miranda Rights, put them in a cell
at Gitmo without the benefit of an attorney, a trial, or charges of any kind, and then torture them during interrogation. A secret list of torture techniques would be created without public knowledge.


Press Excerpt 6 from Al Jazeera ...


-- Al Jazeera: D. Parvaz Dec. 16, 2011 - full text here

Press Excerpt 7  from Russia Today:



full article here


Protesters (potential internees) Tatooed in N. America ; Do You Know your History?

Oline press excerpt 3:


full pdf article here



US Concentration Camps in Iraq

Camp Bucca - Iraq
Camp Bucca - Iraq