‘Isis’ Execution video - Observations

Many problems with this video.

Lets start at the beginning of the tape, with Obama. Personally, I am incapable of listening to the Nobel Peace Prize-winning state terrorist for longer than it takes me to find the mute button. Yet we are to believe that a rabid ‘jihadist’ group gives over nearly half the whole length (3 mins) of its big mass communication moment to the sonorous prevarications of the American anti-christ.

Only someone who respects the speaker and gives credence to his prepared remarks would devote such a long portion of its self-produced video to the glossy and meaningless phrasings of the “US president” the US/NATO security state itself for example.

By the way, in the long Obama speech clip, interestingly there is no US flag on display as is the custom. Instead, Obama speaks next to an all-black, war-hawk, raptor-emblazoned flag, which must be the banner of the post- 2001 coup, neo-fascist police state that he represents. The stars and stripes, like the American constitutional republic, fell on 9-11.

New flag

On to the studio-like execution scene...

First, why is it censored at the source? Tellingly, Bowdlerization (sanitization) is an American thing.

Next, victim appears to be reading from cue cards, even stumbling on one line (at word “read”).

This fact alone would not necessarily undermine the video’s authenticity because hypothetically he could have been made to read a statement under duress.

But despite what should be an obviously emotionally charged situation, both the victim and his executioner are incongruously devoid of emotion. The victim manages a frown at one point but other than that, just seems put out or peeved rather than in mortal fear for his life. His underlying confidence suggests that he has been given some kind of assurance, perhaps shown the rubber blade of the too small prop knife.

This last would also explain the otherwise impossible bloodless application of the weapon for a good 20 frames or so near the end of the clip.

Finally, according to the UK tabloids, the Londoner in the black bespoke kaftan (which remains unsoiled) is known to his Muslim counterparts as ‘the Beatle, John.’ 1 I’m sorry but does that sound to you like the correct cultural context--or time frame--for a group of battle-hardened and fanatical young jihadists? Or more like a reflection of the vantage point of old timer ‘military intelligence’ types who manufacture this war propaganda theater of the macabre for their corporate masters?

Whether or not an execution actually did eventually take place, it’s clear that terrorist Muslim paramilitaries commit atrocities, made for TV or otherwise: The devastation of Syria speaks for itself. But the point here is 1) at whose behest? and 2) the hand of the puppet masters is evident in the production of this ISIS well as in numerous other incongruities (see below).

After 13 years of the American ‘War on Terror,’ the worn out ‘al Qaeda’ brand, with its dead bogeymen,

inevitably needed an update...

Al Qaeda Rebranding

More important however than all the ill-fitting details, is the big’s long been established that the “jihadists” are the empire’s cat’s paw--mercenary proxies--giving PR cover for endless wars of aggression in oil-rich or otherwise strategic Muslim lands, in the name of fighting an equally endless list of groups with bamboozling, exotic names--from Al Qaeda (‘the database,’ 2 as Robin Cook pointed out before his fatal, highlands hiking accident) to Boko Harum (Procol Harem?) to ISIS (fanatical Allah worshippers naming themselves after a pagan goddess--I don’t think so) to the Qaa Qaa brigade (Libyan militia)--in a cynical and murderous game of whack-a-mole, where turbaned puppet-fighters pop up wherever you want to attack next...

This has gone on now since at least 1999, when the mujahedin-led KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) helped to break up Socialist Serbia (strong anti-fascists) for the EU -- leading edge of the empire’s Eurasian expansion 3  -- and ultimately, since CIA-head William Casey’s initial mujahedinjihadists’ in Afghanistan in 1979 (or even back to Lawrence of Arabia).

The star and crescent false flag is used to serve imperial interests by simultaneously providing a casus belli, demonizing Muslims, to neatly lay blame on the war victims themselves, as Muslims

The game may be getting old, so the one who cries “Wolf” has changed his tune, rebranding “al Qaeda,” now with a new moniker of menace. After 13 years of the American ‘War on Terror’ the worn out al Qaeda brand, with its dead bogeymen, inevitably needed a refresh. And still after so many years of this, even Russian and Chinese media will go along for the ride, picking up the Western media’s US government-sourced story lines on “Islamists,” as if Chechnya and Xinjiang had no relation to Western imperial interests in instability/war on its rivals.

The proxy ‘cat’s paw’ attacks and/or NATO follow-up have left a trail of smoldering destruction or ‘failed states’ in their wake also in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, Sudan and Somalia...

The original 9/11 attack--the called for “New Pearl Harbor” needed to catalyze the wars necessary to ensure a new century of American hegemony (see PNAC; Brzezinski’s ‘Chessboard’) is the prime example of how the star and crescent false flag is used to serve imperial interests by simultaneously providing a casus belli, demonizing Muslims, and neatly laying blame on the war victims themselves, as Muslims. The Foley video caption online: “Muslim butchers.”

In criminology, an established pattern or M.O. (modus operandi) such as this constitutes evidence in itself, pointing to the real perpetrator, along with the answer to the question ‘who benefits?’

Cui Bono?

In Syria it was the empire (NATO) and its allies supporting these same petro-paramilitaries who, losing the regime-change battle there, sought refuge in neighboring, US-controlled Iraq. There, they should benefit NATO and Israel alike in their drive for still more war, on Syria and Iran, and by facilitating other adjustments in the aftermath of NATO’s Iraqi genocide, notably a more Balkanized Iraq with a more autonomous Kurdish region, if not a full-fledged state--at the risk of alienating NATO-member Turkey.

Never mind the glaring contradictions--that today’s barbarous enemy was yesterday’s freedom fighter ally, or that the white knight riding to the rescue in Iraq is in fact himself covered in its people’s blood, having committed genocide there--which give the lie to this otherwise neatly-tied bow of cloak and dagger war propaganda: Taping atrocities for the six o’clock news ‘two minutes hate’ session.

The NYSE Welomes ISIS


1 Talk about beating a dead horse--they can’t seem to kill him enough, here by association, a singer who dared call for peace.

2  database: ...of mujahedin names on the payroll

3 The present detachment of Kurdistan from Iraq must be seen in the light of history (to expose the M.O.) with the previous use of KLA ‘jihadists’ to separate Kosovo (the birthplace of the Serbian nation) from the mother country a revealing precedent; Chechen separatism another; and the separation of Ukraine, the historical origin of Russian nationhood, from the mother country is another parallel -- the neo-Nazi group of Maidan Right Sector coup paramilitaries included leaders associated with the ‘jihadists’ in Chechnya: Oleksandr Muzychko eg.).


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