A Grotesque Farce


                    A free people?

Welcome to the USA.
Leave your Dignity at the Door.

Nazis forcing a Jew to kneel

Ritual humiliation of Americans

How is it that up until the 21st century, millions of citizens travelled en masse globally without their governments ever subjecting them to invasive, humiliating and illegal searches, as happens now to passengers young and old, one-by-one, in the USA? As many commentators have already noted, it is the function of intelligence services to detect a safety threat in advance and then to focus on a narrow group of suspects, leaving the law-abiding public at large unmolested, literally. To treat all of the public as suspects as is done now in the US is to function as if the intelligence services had been abolished, leaving authorities to rely on ‘hand-inspection’ of millions of people, as if the ‘eyes’ among the organs of government had been put out, leaving it to blindly grope its hapless public. But the intelligence services haven’t been abolished. To the contrary, they’ve multiplied, with the creation of more than a dozen (unconstitutional) domestic spying agencies, as tax-payers fund a new economic boom in security fascism and pay for the invasion of their own personal privacy.

Which means that the illegal (See article Outlaw_Police_State) and grotesque farce of violating old ladies’ persons looking for bombs is not of course about security but is merely a pretext for something else. The gauntlet of scandalous virtual strip searches and disgraceful pat-downs are meant to strip Americans of their dignity, to humiliate a nation of people into subservience as they are stripped of one basic right after another in the new, post-911 fascist order. In reality, it’s not the public at all that poses a threat, but off-the-rails tyrannical corporate government that poses an ongoing threat to the public. Part of which is the mushrooming growth of security/intel on the stiffening remains of the US body politic--a parasitic growth, terminal to its host.

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Still from The End of St. Petersburgh, 1927, Vsevolod Pudovkin