America’s Extreme Right


The old formula

[The Right deflects blowback  from the exploited] masses into nationalism --[the belief] that the enemy is FOREIGN [rather than the elite economic class or big business itself]-- focusing instead on a “foreign conspiracy ” or immigrants . Before improving condition of masses, [they say,] it’s necessary to improve the position of THE NATION, [with more war (profits) or austerity, etc.] “Nation” is code for the corporate elite class [itself.]

--Fascism and Big Business , Daniel Guerin

When it is pretended that the state [Homeland] has a good different from that of its citizens, what is really meant is that the good of the government --the ruling class--is more important than that of the other people. This view has no basis but in arbitrary power.
--Science and Society, Bertrand Russell

Why is it that it is the most advanced societies--the US in 2001 and Germany in 1933--that seem to fall back on the barbarity of Fascism (capitalism in full nudity) ? It is because it takes extreme violence to beat back the avant-garde of progress towards Socialism, as the people in the advanced societies, using the very platform of their advancement, begin to demand an end to their exploitation. To put it simply, when the cat gets too close to the creamer, all hell breaks loose.

The Missing German Revolution

Since the French revolution, the path of human progress has repeatedly led to climactic attempts at reforming political organization to work towards satisfying human needs, not creating more human want through ever increasing concentrations of wealth; to recognize human dignity by refusing the degradation of human status to that of animal, with both equally subject to Nature’s ‘law of the jungle’ (survival of the fittest) in the social Darwinist order of Capitalist society; to establish collective forms of economic development in place of the old order, in which an elite minority profits from the oppression of the majority. Such high water marks in the 20th century would include the 1917 Russian revolution, the 1949 Chinese revolution (which may prove to be determinant), and the Cuban revolution of 1959, with its influence felt from Venezuela to Bolivia. Between the first two of these historical milestones (1917, 1949) is a missing Socialist revolution in Germany (1933?), crushed in its infancy under the jackboot of Naziism--a hellish measure of the old order’s force of reaction against strivings for emancipation.

These climaxes or crystallizations of ‘impudent’ aspiration engender violent reaction by the old guard--a yank on the emergency break producing a violent halt of the sociopolitical train’s progress towards its Socialist destination, and much collateral damage. To put it another way, to prolong the time of the status quo, the guardians of the old order keep turning back the clock, a necessarily violent operation involving the ‘culling’ (in their reactionary view) of the constituency of real political progress. Such was the case in Germany, Europe’s biggest ‘domino’ about to follow neighbor Russia into Communism, until private US finance and corporations helped mount the Nazi reaction to ‘protect property’, US investments, and Capitalism in Europe by targeting the ‘Bolshevist Jew’ ‘agitators.’

deutschland SO ODER SO?’ Knickerbocker, H. R., @ Berlin, Rowohlt, 1932.

Originally published in English as “Germany--Fascist or Soviet?” described [Germany] being on the precipice of a collapse into Nazism or Communism. From the Preface (translated): “Five thousand Bolsheviks made the Russian Revolution. In Germany, there are an estimated 6 million voters for the Communist Party. ... America alone is involved with 38% of the total direct foreign investment in Germany and consequently has a greater interest in the preservation of private capitalism in the Republic than any other country in the world with the exception of Germany itself.

From the bookseller’s website:

See also John Loftus, America’s Nazi Secret.
Jacques Pauwels, The Myth of the Good War : 94% of Nazi Germany’s imports of motor oil in Sept. 1941 came from a US company.

Charles Higham, Trading with the Enemy.

Daniel Guerin, Fascism and Big Business : The wealthy fear revolution and finance bands of gangsters to teach the workers good manners.

Bertram Gross, Friendly Fascism.

The 1968 political awakening in the West that was only a stirring by comparison was violently put down in the US with multiple assassinations and chemical weapons (LSD*) but was reverberating there like an aftershock in the late 1990s as a nascent anti-corporate movement, evident in the Battle of Seattle WTO protests (1999), the birth of the anti-Davos World Social Forum (Jan. 2001), and finally in Genoa’s G8 protest (July 2001). This pro-democracy movement was even more lucid than the 1960s anti-war protests because it was focusing directly on the “corporate tyranny” behind the wars.

The Conspiracy

'Every class which successively has seized power has sought to safeguard its position of mastery by imposing on society conditions calculated to ensure it its own revenue.'1


As on a chessboard, no moves in the Great Game have a single purpose or effect, and violent repression would be only the domestic component of a regression from postwar financial imperialism to the genuine article, launched in the style of the Nazi's Reichstag fire―a treacherous attack, as casus belli.

Repression at home. Adventure abroad

The hammer came down first on the American public itself in a level of violence not used domestically since Civil War days (by Republicans). It was a slow-motion coup d'etat that would put the reactionary New Order program in place, within a year of Seattle. It began with the 2000 election theft, and culminated spectacularly― like a 1970’s Hollywood disaster film** ―on 9/11, with a purge at the Pentagon (‘under renovation’), followed by a ‘warning shot’ bioweapons (anthrax) attack on the opposition in Congress and in the media, and effective suspension of the US Constitution and rule of law. The ‘bloody shirt’ would be continually waved as the crusading Republicans’ war banner and the Muslims, unfortunate inhabitants of the targeted strategic lands, would be ‘the new Jews,’ from Afghanistan to Iraq to Libya to Syria... and beyond? 

As Zbigniew Brzezinski said in his enlightening and sadly prophetic book of 1998, The Grand Chessboard , it would take “a new Pearl Harbor” to launch abroad the ‘strategically imperative’ series of wars ‘necessary’ to further project American power onto the giant Eurasian continent (and seize oil treasure), before the window of opportunity for a “New American Century” should close there, with Russian recovery and the rise of China.

Hoarse from Crying ‘Wolf’

The on-again off-again ‘war on terror’ theme may now have been played out, tarnished after the Americans’ “whack a mole” game went on too long, in too many target countries, where the mercenary ‘terrorists’ would ‘fortuitously’ pop up, straining credulity, until finally coming full circle as a NATO proxy force in Libya, just like old times in Carter-era Afghanistan, where the relationship had started back in 1979. The fraudulent wars point back to the original fraud of 9/11 itself--a crime that will have to await an American Truth and Reconciliation Commission à la South Africa for legal justice. But history also exacts justice: In the Middle Ages, when the Roman Church falsely cried “Crusade” for too long, the result was not conquest of the Muslim world, but the Protestant Reformation. No use telling that to a ‘wolf that eats and listens to no one.’

Shared Ideology

World as profit factory, consuming productive ‘human resources’ as Labor and ‘counter-productive’  populations through war and covert extermination.

Fill ‘er up

Beyond cynicism - Human commodities

In the utterly materialistic and mechanistic fascist ideology of American capitalism, humanity has no more important a place in the order of things than any other commodity--‘human resources.’ Humanity is reduced to Labor. The part of humanity not factoring into the profit imperative as an element of production and consumption (the poor) is eminently dispensable, not having economic value or having ‘negative value’ as an obstacle to access to valuable resources or otherwise strategic lands (Afghans, Iraqis, African AIDS victims, Libyans and other ‘combustibles’).

The capitalist demarcation of groups into productive and ‘counter-productive’ was never so starkly laid bare as in Nazi Germany, where ‘non-elect’ populations were distributed between Labor camps and Extermination camps. Today, ‘attrition’ of populations overtly through war or by covert attacks [see for example article, ‘DU Nuke War’] serves the same purpose of 1) eliminating ‘uneconomic’ communities, i.e. obstacles to corporate profit, or 2) eliminating models of, or constituencies for independent economic development, as in Haiti, under UN auspices; recently in Libya; and formerly in Yugoslavia, Chile, Vietnam, Indonesia, Guatemala, Korea, Greece, Germany, etc., ...that cannot or will not be integrated into the system of exploitation (enslavement). These constituencies for collectivism also include ancient cultures like that of the indigenous peoples, and more recent Islamic civilization, whose humanism and vestiges of tribalism inherently favor the alternative and more humane economic arrangement of ‘taking care of their own,’ particularly in the politics of fundamentalists. For the West, this is a parallel economic reason for targeting them. Here, at last, is a point in common for Muslim and Jew, both victims of Western genocide.

Parenthetically, the propaganda of the American entertainment sphere has recently taken up the refrain “We take care of our own (wherever this flag is flown)” in a current pop song, which opened the Grammy Music Awards, where it was called ‘an anthem for our time.’ Which begs the question, since when did the US go Socialist? What about the raging class war as background, the open scorn for the public, the lack of a Left tradition or culture since the 1930s, the presumptive Repub. presidential nominee’s declaration “I’m not concerned with the Poor,” as well as a consistent national track record of killing ‘commies’ ? Best understood then as demagogy, in the feint Left, go Right style of ‘National Socialism.’

Reinventing Nazi horror

The world has already witnessed, to its horror, the logical conclusion of fascist ideology that debases the human to the level of animal/commodity. It found its hideous ultimate expression in the manufacture of soap out of victims of Nazi murder.

The destruction and genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan are epic crimes against humanity. Less apparent is the present targeting of future generations through the use of toxic radiation weapons like ‘depleted’ uranium, particularly in Iraq, attacking the very genetic stock of a people, to pre-empt future resistance to the extraction of their sovereign resources.

‘Depleted’ Uranium (DU) Radiation (text version)

Short of fuel

The problem for the US-led West is that the rest of the world does not subscribe to the apotheosis of profit, or sacrifice to Moloch, peopled as it is by many ancient, peace-loving, tolerant and humanistic civilizations, in the true sense of the word (an understanding of the intrinsic value of the human is inherent in the culture). No one informed them that they are mere ‘livestock’ (Vieh) to be culled, or ‘cord wood’ to be combusted for the greater good and comfort of an elite financial aristocracy in private banking and its corporate relations. They cling to the belief in a God-given right to life. They become highly indignant at the murder of family, friend, neighbor and other innocents. And there is the crux of America’s problem: despite their overwhelming military superiority...
they cannot kill fast enough.

It would seem in March 2012 that civilized peoples who refuse the fascist equating of human and animal have finally managed to put a brake on the run-away, blood-fueled profit machine of Murder, Inc. USA, the only empire to have “gone from barbarism to decadence without passing through civilization”--Oscar Wilde.

Taking One for the Team

9/11 may well turn out to have been the empire’s own suicide shot, unintentionally hastening a providential end to a system that resolves the contradiction between profit and humanism by enshrining profit and denying human dignity; that finds the place of humanity to be on a balance sheet, a perennial drag on ‘earnings’ (labor cost, etc.) in a deadly, profit-first paradigm. This is the ideological basis of a warped way of life in an upside-down, profoundly dysfunctional society in all but profit-taking, that has left its citizens physically misshapen (with widespread obesity), to say nothing of less apparent mental deformation (a fresh market for Big Pharma, in psychotropics). These are symptoms of an inhumane environment of toxicity and violence, exported through ‘globalization’ and war, proffered as model for permanent world government. A terrifying prospect.

As they say at Porto Allegre, another world is possible.

* see John Marks, Search for the Manchurian Candidate

** Blockbuster coup blueprint from post-60s turbulence, ultra-Right ‘Ford administration’ ? (1974-’77), which included Bush regime chiefs Cheney, Rumsfeld [recalled to execute their own plan? ] under ‘VP’ Nelson Rockefeller. See p.40, The Towering Inferno , 1974. [Cheney would reprise the Rockefeller role of VP commander, fronted by a stooge, stand-in president.] Search also ‘Operation Northwoods,’ the established precedent in principle.


Movie poster: The Towering Inferno, 1974  [Poster image unretouched]


1 Karl Marx, Das Kapital

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Dennis Hopper portraying an American fascist in an episode of The Twilight Zone, He’s Alive (i.e. Hitler), Jan. 24, 1963 (1st Bush coup later that year)

Dangerous language

Immigration has been a central theme of the 2012 US Republican so-called presidential campaign.  This is a polite format for discoursing on RACE POLITICS, a time-honored political weapon of the Right--to focus on differences--for preventing the toiling masses from uniting, as they get their pockets picked by their betters. Other race-based hate speech ‘softens up’ ethnic targets for attack on their countries in war.

No candidate has gone further in echoing the Nazi-archetype in the use of this deadly instrument of domination than Rick Santorum, who has openly used the language of genocide, in referring to the Muslim victims and targets of America’s current ‘endless war’ campaign:

US Republican presidential candidate Santorum on the Muslim ‘enemy’:

They (Muslims) are interested in destroying the world.

...Look at Europe. Europe is on the way to losing. The most popular male name in Belgium — Mohammed.  It’s the fifth most popular name in France among boys.  They are losing [the war] because they are not having children...

...we need to... eradicate [the enemy], and that’s the final thing. ..This is going to be a long war.

--Columbia U. “Islamo-fascism” Awareness Week, March 2007


Great White Hope?

Though not a candidate in 2012, Palin was a sitting governor and candidate for VP on the 2008 GOP ticket versus Barack Obama, then as now emphasizing immigration as a campaign theme. She has since relocated from the great white North to hard-line anti-immigration Arizona, taking her sights off Russia to look instead to Mexico.

In an episode of her briefly televised Alaskan wilderness reality TV show, which featured a bear protecting its cub, the candidate and mother of four commented significantly: that Mama grizzly’s gotta do what she can to save the species (not save her cub ). Immigration. Save the species. Get it? A safe but crypto-fascist subliminal appeal to racism.


    Social Darwinist

When a presidential candidate in mid-campaign does a prime-time network profile interview, it is not for idle tele-chat but to take the spotlight to frame his campaign theme, mark out his political philosophy. You can be sure they are measuring their words.

Public as prey

Asked his greatest moment over a long political career, the pro-war, old soldier of the American Right Newt Gingrich seemed to answer with a catch-all metaphor, citing a trip on an African safari ‘watching cheetahs basking in the sun after a kill.’ ... On cue, the interviewer Piers Morgan asked if Newt’s prey was Barack Obama, quickly deflecting the highly suggestive comment by a presidential candidate implying a predatory taste for social Darwinism.

Here is an illuminating description of ‘dog eat dog’ social Darwinism from another source: ...a world where ‘each creature feeds off another’ ... ‘and where the death of the weakest permits the existence of the strongest’, as in Nature. ‘The strongest must dominate.’   --Mein Kampf

Human as animal

From the same interview, candidate Gingrich on what he might have been if not a politician: “A zookeeper.”


All but two of the original eight 2012 GOP candidates were on the record as pro-war and pro-torture, if not pro-Racist. Though Ron Paul is one of the two exceptions just cited, he has been criticized for past political newsletters in Texas said to suggest a racist viewpoint. For his part, Paul pointed the finger at his competitor Michelle ‘All cultures are not equal’ Bachmann,  saying “She doesn’t like Muslims. She wants to go after them.”
[Ron Paul guesting on The Tonight Show, Jan. 2012]

Republican Mosh Pit

Palin’s running mate in 2008, John ‘bomb Iran’ McCain is a case apart, who has no qualms about publicly calling for the torture and murder of a foreign leader (Russia’s Vladimir Putin, before the blood of the fallen Libyan Nasserite leader, Moammar Qaddafi, had yet dried).

In 2008, McCain ‘defended’ his opponent Obama on the campaign trail when speaking at a local event with one of the screened audience members, who stammered into a proffered microphone He’s...he’s Arab. McCain: No Ma’am. He’s a decent person. Racist inference: Arabs are not decent people.

The Hate Speech Between the Lines

It’s worth noting the context in which Santorum’s ugly speech was given: a Columbia University “Islamo-fascism” Awareness Week. The equanimity with which a top American university broadcasts a racist smear (‘Islamo-fascism’) in a public forum and calls it political awareness is indicative of the retrograde temper of the times.

American academe was a prominent proponent of the Eugenics movement until the Nazi horrors it inspired forced more discretion. Consider Yale University’s 1945* annual report, apologizing over the racial composition of the student body: “the proportion of Jews has somewhat increased and remains too large for comfort” (cited in The Secret War Against the Jews, John Loftus).

*under Yale trusteeship of Prescott Bush

At the level of policy, the extreme Right positions are clear, with the Republican faction candidates nearly unanimously pro-war, pro-torture, pro-police state, with discussion of racial profiling, etc. At the level of speech they are usually guarded, and settle for dropping hints at the fascist ideology behind the policy, which require a little exegesis to clarify...

Grand Olde

Compare this quote from a German statistics scientist in a 1937 article for the American Statistical Society entitled Development of German Population Statistics through Genetic-Biologic Stock-Taking":

[Eugenics] means the targeted selection and promotion of superior life and an eradication of those portions of the population which are undesirable." Friedrich Zahn, president of the Bavarian Statistical Office and SS member, data provider to the Nazi Party’s Race Political Office. From IBM and the Holocaust, Edwin Black p. 49

Hand puppet?

After Fritz Lang’s Metropolis