Nazi ‘Chic’


Neo-Nazi Nation

N. American fashion magazine cover, (Dress to Kill, Christmas, 2011

Murder in fashion : Sanctification through human sacrifice

Imitation severed limbs sale

Culture of Death in Service of War

Life Imitates War: Banalisation of death by war -- “Zombie Walk,” Montreal Canada Summer 2011 (OTAM)

Still image from the film “W.”

Capitalism carries war within it, as the clouds carry rain. (Jean Jaurès)
The culture accommodates itself to the empire’s need for war.

From Oil Thirst to Blood Thirst

We have nothing to fear but George Bush himself.
-- late Senator Edward Kennedy, 2001

Defining Moment

Shadow of German History on USA

© US National Geographic
Jan. 2012

Footnote:             Deja Vu

Renewed interest in twin studies--symbol of Eugenicists’ fascination with Nature vs. Nurture

Back to the Future

911 Coup and ‘casus belli’

Not a Game

Yankee Stadium, NYC, Oct. 2001


‘Nazi chic’

Hollywood (Disney) actress’s publicity shot: ‘Glamourous’ murder

Top: Russian political cartoon (

Reichstag fire/ 9-11

Canadian magazine cover, Summer 2011

A slow-motion coup d’etat

-2000 election theft
-9/11 attack, Purge at Pentagon ‘under renovation’

-Bioweapon (Anthrax) ‘warning shot’ targeting opposition in media, Congress

-Launch of wars of conquest

-Effective suspension of US Constitution/rule of law

9/11: The Fascist Coup

Jan. 30, 1941: “A New Order” in Europe                     Jan. 29, 1991 (US time): “A New World Order”

                                                                                                   ‘Tonight, Germany is united...”

See also: America’s Extreme Right:’s_Extreme_Right.html

‘New Order’ Jubilee

©  Hollywood depiction of American Eugenicists, Trading Places, 1983

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Brainworld March 2012: ‘Nature and Nurture of Twins’

BrainWorld, March 2012, article excerpt

Whither America?