The ‘New Order’ through Chaos

The USA has now come full circle. Americans are living under a hostile occupation in their own land, by their own government. Regime authorities openly declare the “homeland” a battlefield. The battle, waged by the federal government--a wholly-owned subsidiary of corporate America--the employers--targets the American people, the employees or ‘enemy’ : spied on, catalogued, check-pointed, ID’d, patted down, scanned, soon-to-be-droned, run out of their homes, set in gun sights, riddled in mass shootings, OK’d for arbitrary internment and execution, or blasted to oblivion in the midst of core unifying community events like the Boston Marathon (a sophisticated, state-level-style strategic targeting of solidarity, like bombing a packed mosque on a Baghdad Friday). No place like home, you keep telling yourselves.

Eighteenth century Bostonians lived under a hostile occupation. The practice of troops entering and searching homes without warrants was one of the catalysts of the revolution, and resulted in the drafting of the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment--now a dead letter in a broken contract, as demonstrated in Watertown on April 19, 2013, where residents were rousted from their homes at gunpoint by MPs.

The Boston Massacre was another spark, leading to the outbreak of the first revolutionary battles still commemorated there today on “Patriot’s Day.” This was the day of the bombing massacre and military shakedown. A probable pre-emptive strike against true blue resistance from freedom-loving Bostonians to the fascist New Order. It was all havoc and mayhem, the hallmark of evil.

Boston was the cradle of the revolution, of American liberty, now an incongruous sounding phrase, under the New Order...unless connoting corporate freedom to lawlessly dominate, control and reap the spoils. Today, lovers of personal liberty are an ‘extremist’ threat. Sometimes called the Athens of America, Boston also has probably the highest concentration of brain power per head in the US -- smart freedom-lovers. Send in the tanks! (News ticker: ‘DOW hits all-time high.’)

That said, it needs qualification: modern warfare has its Orwellian up is down psychological aspect--our heads are our Achilles heels. And so the jackbooted martial law lockdown was actually welcomed by glaze-eyed, knee-jerk conformists, attuned to the false flag ‘news movie’ puppet show, a military/police manhunt drama, for an immigrant bomber on the loose. The patsy suspect could have been easily found up to several nights after the bombing unperturbedly sleeping in his own bed, in his dorm room (confirmed--UMass). The glaring lack of open trials in all of these affairs underlines their nature as special operations, immune from the light of public inquiry.

As terrorized Bostonians naturally looked to leadership in the unprecedented crisis, with the chill of a full-on martial law drill, official pronouncements on the meaning of the attack were lacking. They had only a hometown sports hero stepping up to the plate, lending his endorsement to the media-driven, Swiss cheese story line. It was left to the Red Coats star ballplayer to set the tone for the community’s response with his (coached?) "This is OUR #@! city" remark: a sandlot reaction along the lines of "It's MY ball!," yet perfectly suited to invite regressive, internecine nipping within a traumatized population looking for scapegoats; a useful idiot’s spin of the horrible event into a divisive focus on 'us and them,' native and immigrant camps (like home and away teams), deflecting attention from those ‘charged to protect us,’ now illegally rolling tanks into town, rousting frightened residents from their homes, shutting down the city, occupying the Common and constantly changing the contradictory story. Never mind that the sportsman is himself also an immigrant--the group he is scapegoating. Hopefully, astute Bostonians would have noticed the hypocrisy and not fallen for the base appeal to hate, which by virtue of whose interests it serves, tends to reinforce the overall impression of a stage-managed terror event. These fit a by now familiar pattern of ‘drill gone live,’ followed by the broadcast networks carpet-bombing living rooms with a contrived cover story.

And then there were the amazing ‘coincidences’...The JFK library fire occurring around the same time as the downtown explosions, not officially part of the attack. This is the smoking WTC building 7 of the Boston bombing--not hit, but burning anyway. It’s been plausibly surmised that WTC 7 housed the likely command and control center for the 911 attack in New York and as evidence of the conspiracy, had to be destroyed. In Boston, after contradictory official explanations of a bomb, then incendiary device, then fire, the City Fire Department later issued a conclusion that can only be called contemptuous: it would have been a fire, caused by “careless disposal of smoking materials” -- a cigarette? -- in an HVAC unit --  in a building showing evidence of blast damage -- ‘shattered windows’ (Boston Globe). At least two library employees reported having heard an explosion (op. cit.). Other damage was done, significantly, to the library’s archives, possibly destroying documentary evidence from one or another of the multiple Kennedy murders, in the 50th anniversary year of the most notorious of these, another patsy-fronted and sickening state-within-the-state crime, which seems to have been the initial coup that set the precedent for the assassinations, attacks and bombings, etc. that have since followed, on the course to our new fascist order.

Another incredible ‘coincidence’--landing gear debris from the 911 attack suddenly appears, having gone unnoticed for 12 years in New York City’s well-combed ground zero, one week following the Boston attack, “America’s second 911,” presumably as a reminder, to integrate the new outrage into the ‘war on terror’ narrative, giving this domestic repression operation -- a new Boston-massacre -- added-value as propaganda for the unfinished business of continuing foreign wars.

In a land of laws, we could expect the immediate public trial of the accused, surviving Boston bomber and a public inquiry into the brutal death, apparently in custody, of the other accused. As it happens, both are conveniently mute. The survivor has been cycled out of the news. Found sheltering in a boat, he may well fear burial at sea.


*UPDATE* In an unprecedented (since 911) nod to legality, US federal authorities will apparently be trying the surviving accused bomber, who is reportedly no longer mute and has pled not guilty to charges (looking “medicated,” according to a Boston WBZTV reporter present at the arraignment). A fair trial would seem to be already out of the question. One witness has been brazenly murdered, by the FBI, during interrogation, implicating the agency in the Boston terror bombing. Two more witnesses, the FBI arresting agents of the defendant’s deceased brother (the alleged accomplice) were killed in a purported ‘training accident.’

A trial date has not yet been set.


Scofflaw Corporate Gangsters

The first rule of self-defense is at least knowing the enemy. If an authority has broken its social contract with the people, violated its solemn oath to uphold that contract, trampled the rights of its citizens, would claim for itself the right to confine or assassinate them by executive fiat -- even as it tries to disarm them; engages in domestic terrorism and would call defending your life or liberty a crime (terrorism or sedition), then that authority is utterly tyrannical and unequivocally illegitimate and must be removed by whatever means necessary.

Towards Restoration of Self-Governance

It’s time for New Englanders, true to their patriot heritage, to defend their freedom, their children’s futures and their very lives; to rise to the occasion and lead the way towards breaking the cycle of violent repression within this hijacked Union. A way forward can already be discerned in the grassroots secessionist movement in the state of Vermont. Neighboring Quebec has a well-established secessionist Party (PQ), currently the governing Party in the province. This international stirring towards devolution (also appearing in several EU countries), to counter ever greater concentration of economic and political power (towards unaccountable corporate world government) could form the basis of a New England-wide Secessionist Movement and future political union -- possibly with Quebec -- divorced from tyrannical federal control from Washington or Ottawa, its vassal. The goal would not be Balkanization but effective dissolution of the current, corporate-controlled federal power centers by the legal withdrawal of their subjects from the existing political framework. The secession process could grow to include other states outside of New England, which together would be free to decide in future to create a reformed federal union, under a restored US Constitution, to replace the current, irrevocably corrupt United States of America.

--P. Quistgard

April, 2013