D-Day Travesty


Shattered Myth of ‘the Good War’

An impartial examination of the conditions of international conduct today allows no other conclusion but that the standards of behavior which were held by nazism and fascism have become general and accepted. --Bertrand Russell

Old myths die hard. It's a measure of the importance of the place they hold for us, like gods above, or guiding stars in the sky, that we may still try to navigate by them even after their light has gone out.

The D-Day commemoration in Normandy today must be seen not by the fading light of a dated and dying myth from the past but colored by the telling events seen since on the world stage that so dramatically contradict it.

The sacrifice of the Allied soldiers who died in Normandy and throughout the Atlantic war theater fighting Naziism is rightly sacrosanct and honored. But the famous victory hindsight shows was not what it then seemed to be, and what's worse, has been gradually and surreptitiously overturned. 

The ceremony celebrates the myth even now that the reality has broken the surface in a series of events that taken together, unmistakably deny it: the Hollywood-like 9/11 fascist coup d'etat in the USA, the endless succession of NATO wars of aggression, the police state consolidation, the eugenics program gay hype, and now, perhaps most revealingly, the open installation of anti-Russian neo-Nazis in a European country for the first time since WWII.

If the fascists lost the battle in Europe in 1945, events have shown they ultimately won the war, for now.

And so for the NATO contingent, now heirs of the Third Reich, it is the Axis which celebrates its victory today, enacting a grotesque and twisted travesty---a sacrilege on the D-Day anniversary of 2014--that can only have inspired a great turning

underfoot in the cross-filled lawns of Ouistreham. Better done in jackboots, assembled under a waving swastika banner, saluting in unison with a straight armed shout of 'Sieg Heil.' And a star-spangled banner lowered to the tune of a dirge, before hoisting the EU flag playing the old national anthem of Deutschland.


Consider a few of the parallels between Then and Now:

Agenda of world domination. Check.

Endless war or proxy wars of aggression. Check.

Fascist police states. Check.

Totalitarian surveillance. Check.

Resurgence of racism and nationalism. Check.

Demonization of Russia. Check.

Glorification of military and war. Check.

Cult of the Hero, the Strong. Check.

Eugenics agenda. Check.

International Jewish Muslim Conspiracy ("Al Qaeda"). Check.

Final solution for the mass extermination of the untermenschen. Check.

What are you all waiting for? Uniformed, heel-clicking, Jew-rousting goose steppers?

Wake up and smell the coffee !


The Red Army Won It

Academics like Jacque Pauwels (The Myth of the Good War) and others have put some of the learned, orthodox history into better perspective, describing how the Normandy invasion that accelerated the end of the war in Europe came only after the Soviet Union had already borne the brunt of the Nazi Wermacht's force, with tens of millions of Russians dead, and the Germans already stopped by the Red Army at the Battle of Stalingrad.

West Preserved the Nazi Gains

Once Germany's defeat seemed inevitable at that turning point in the Great Patriotic War by the end of 1942, the US finally entered the conflict in the Atlantic theater, landing in North Africa, a full year after Germany's declaration of war on the US (a vain attempt to open up a new front for the Soviets in the Pacific, with Japan--Pauwels), and a full three years after the start of the war. Even then, in North Africa, the US recognized Vichy there, with whom it had friendly diplomatic relations. It would be almost another year before US troops finally landed on the continent, in the Italian campaign, nearly four years after the war had started (summer of 1943).

The Normandy invasion (June 1944) in the end checked Soviet momentum towards western Europe (and ultimately salvaged Nazi gains there). D-Day will go down for the record, as the old myths sink out of view, as a last-minute salvage operation for capitalism in western Europe, rather than the schoolbook-taught, economically incoherent interpretation of western capitalist opposition to rabid capitalist Naziism.

West Fostered Naziism as Bulwark and Bludgeon Against Bolshevism

In the emerging view, and in light of the post-2000 tell-tale events, German fascism was in fact fostered by western captains of industry and finance, to crush ('Jewish') Bolshevism and save Germany from Russian Communism. Private capital, with its hold on oil and fuel--without which all the bombers and jets, ships and carriers, tanks and land vehicles of a nation's military are harmless as a child's toys--held sway. The old Rockefeller-Rothschild cartel 1 enabler of Naziism was itself never vanquished but has only grown larger with time.

West Absorbed Nazi Germany

At the end of WWII, the US absorbed Germany's scientists (Operation Paperclip), notably gaining V2 rocket technology for NASA; its spies, including the Gestapo's anti-Soviet network, reactivated in a re-armed West Germany; and some ex-Nazi military top brass, integrated into NATO, with its seat (EUCOM) located in the unscathed IG Farben headquarters in Frankfurt. 

Former IG Farben Headquarters, Frankfurt

EU Modeled on Nazi Plans for Rule from Brussels

By the time dictatorship had fallen in the East in 1990, the US had formed one in Western Europe (EU), which then expanded east to Russia’s borders. As if Nazi Germany had been successful in Europe,  with Muslims as the new scapegoats, and serial wars of aggression then continuing as part of a remade neo-fascism, operating on an audience of subjects agape at powerful modern media and cringing from the state terror of mass shootings, engineered disasters (like 9/11), profitable health scares and threats of more to come.

Russia may be no longer Communist but it is still relatively independent of the Rockefeller-Rothschild/US-EU Axis. Thus we now see re-emerging in 2014 the postwar standoff of the Cold War after Russia successfully resisted full integration into the world-grasping western structures.

‘Western Progress’ Devolved to Political Regress

Certainly today the political debate is no longer about democracy versus dictatorship, unfortunately. In an irony of history, the West has taken on the totalitarian form of its erstwhile Cold War enemy, throwing out political freedom in favor of totalitarianism, with the unchecked growth of private corporate power for over a century. But instead of dictatorship by the majority under Socialism, tracing its mandate to popular revolution, the Western decline into authoritarianism is a dictatorship by capital, which is just “arbitrary privilege” for an elite minority--the ancien regime (old order), transposed onto a financial hierarchy --an aristocracy of bankers with a pretended electoral mandate.

9/11 Coup to Capitalize on Closing Window of Opportunity

Unlike the 1930s when Fascism developed in response to a definite challenge to Capitalism from rising Socialism in Germany, in 2001 the compromised American empire sought to capitalize on its military superiority with a fascist coup before the closing of a ‘window of opportunity,’ with a rising China and a Russian comeback. If this relapse is in a new, bifurcated (‘two-party’), civilian shape, the East too has been remade with new kinds of state capitalism--a third way--offering high degrees of economic freedom but with a firewall of state political control, exercised in the name of the majority, to correct the American mistake and hold unaccountable private power in check to protect the people’s interest and public commons.

Update: News item: USA, Canada, Ukraine reject UN resolution condemning the glorification of Naziism. EU nations abstain.


1 SO (Exxon)-IG Farben--IG Farben was the German name of the world's biggest chemicals group of companies, or cartel, the industrial core of the Nazi war machine, supplying strategic war materials such as synthetic fuel and rubber, with a giant factory complex and its own concentration camp at Auschwitz. IG Farben companies also made pharmaceuticals, vaccines, explosives and poison gas, including the one used for exterminations in the Holocaust. Part of a global petrochemical cartel, IG's commercial partner was the American Standard Oil Company, which for its part supplied the Reich with oil and vital fuel additives.

Many of IG's top executives were condemned for war crimes at Nuremberg. Standard Oil later changed its name to Exxon. After the war, the IG Farben cartel was disbanded into its constituent companies (Hoechst, now Sanofi-Aventis, Bayer, BASF) and its monumental headquarters building--spared from Allied bombing--housed the American military government in Germany, CIA Europe and for many years, NATO Command, and became known as Europe's Pentagon.


Friday 6 June 2014