Death Cult Marketing


Left- American ad from Eastpak Corp. (spotted in life-sized poster display in EU shop window); Right - Eurovision song ‘Marry Me’ videoclip.

As you may have noticed, mass advertising is not just the textbook provision of info from buyer to seller but functions as well somehow as His Master’s Voice, as in Big Brother’s, getting out the programming message du jour -- here a nihilistic sneer at hetero-marriage. To be fair, we should add that the offensive Eastpak zombie ad campaign pictured is not limited to the one dead-end marriage couple but  features a whole array of zombified young people--the typical customers for this US backpack maker from student-crowded Boston--like this flesh-eater:

The Boston marathon bombing was not that long ago (April 15, 2013)... in which the ‘bombs’ were hidden in black backpacks, not very unlike the one pictured here [with cabling--captured in photos--resembling that of US military M-18 Claymore anti-personnel mines]. They left quite a few human limbs strewn around the finish line. Ha Ha.

Meanwhile US-sponsored war makes yet more gore everyday and the streets of the American charnel house routinely fill up with more carnage, now spilling over from TV screens in gruesome street-marketing scenes (see inset below).

For the pro-murder ad factories (and Wall Street) violence and war are the new normal, something to become acculturated to *(instead of peace), and to laugh off (‘They were just the waking dead’). Coming from the bloody mouth of the world’s worst ever mass killer, the emblematic ad campaign is at best tactless and at worst yet another sobering depiction of why the US-led Western alliance is an enemy of humanity. Its Eastpak zombie poster boy would be an excellent candidate for a long overdue up-date of the Uncle Sam character--an American Kali.

Eastpak poster boy

More on US death culture here or here. More on the NATO-wide zero-child policy eugenics push, here.

Sick Society

Footnote: Just one year after this:

Boston Massacre

(enhanced?) crime scene

...Bostonians had to watch this:

Corporate-sponsoredZombie walk’

Relive the trauma. Ha Ha.

* acculturated...

Beatles butcher cover, 1966 US

Disclaimer: We are not against civil unions! We are against the zero-child policy and associated social engineering campaign

--that puts especially men at serious risk to their health.


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Subliminal Association by juxtaposition:

Note the images in sidebar below right in relation to main story about execution at left...

Left: ‘That’s Entertainment’

Crowd cheers, applauds as man (on ground) burns to death during ‘Halloween Carnival’ festivities
(straw costume set alight), Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, Oct. 31, 2013 (youtube video still)


Still image from “Schindler’s List”



Monday 14 July 2014

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