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Eugenic Gender ‘Blurring’ as Ersatz ‘Social Progress’

Imagine for a moment the eugenics movement--an elite campaign par excellence-- framed as a human rights struggle for the masses. Very up is down 1984, right?

To put it in perspective, from the WWII point of view, this would mean 1940s era Nazis posturing that the extermination of the untermenschen was somehow or other for the untermenschen -- a human rights struggle (‘destroy to save?’). Fortunately they didn’t have such sophisticated PR. Now we do.

Fastforward to the present. Now consider the “rainbow movement.”  A eugenics campaign to stem the tide of the untermenschen birthings of the masses, in the name of human (gay) rights, by disrupting mating through the promotion of same sex pairing. That is very 1984, totalitarian-style public relations spin, for the purpose of politically palatable reproductive quality control. And that is what is behind the big gay hype. The neos may happily posture as crusading defenders of human rights instead of the fall-in-step brownshirts that they are. (Picture them all straight-backed in polished black boots. Take their insults, intimidation, smears and threats as a badge of honor and courage.)

[Note to brutish fanatics: This is not to say that gays should not have rights. But it is to say that this rainbow social engineering campaign is a manipulation, a new and improved PR facade for today’s take-two eugenics campaign, framed as human rights struggle. Here’s to drag queens in the cabaret, by the way--not upheld as some absurd example of social progress (‘when all the men have donned evening gowns, then we’ll know we’ve arrived’), or inflammatory mockery, or racist insult to Latin women: bearded ‘Conchita’.]


Now consider the lyrics of the winning eurovision 2014 song--or this year’s NWO marketing jingle--which barely work as a romantic ballad of a jilted lover’s revenge but work rather well when read as a spiteful and threatening NWO celebration of the rebirth/‘triumph’ of Fascism in the West, addressed to Russia/old US/the program viewers?


Waking in the rubble/    <war ruins ca. 1945>
Walking over glass
Neighbors say we’re trouble    <Nazi bad rap>
Well that time has passed       <we won, in the end>

Peering from the mirror           
No, that isn’t me
[A] Stranger getting nearer
Who can this person be

You wouldn’t know me at all today    <gay-promoting neo-Nazis, imagine!>
From the fading light I fly               <but same old vampire regime, bringing darkness>

Rise like a phoenix
Out of the ashes                            <of 1945>
Seeking rather than vengeance
Retribution                                     <=rightful revenge, for war defeat>
You were warned                            <you’ve been warned>
Once I’m transformed
Once I’m reborn
You know I will rise like a phoenix
But you’re my flame                        <i.e. I rise as you burn>

Go about your business

Act as if you’re free                      <(EU-neo) Nazi rule now>          

No one could have witnessed
What you did to me                            <1945>

Cause you wouldn’t know me today
And you have got to see
To believe
From the fading light I fly                   <as before>

Rise like a phoenix
Out of the ashes                                    <of war>
Seeking rather than vengeance
You were warned
Once I’m transformed
Once I’m reborn

I rise up to the sky
You threw me down but
I’m gonna fly

And rise like a phoenix
Out of the ashes
Seeking rather than vengeance
You were warned
Once I’m transformed
Once I’m reborn
You know I will rise like a phoenix
But you’re my flame                                 <you burn, I rise>


Three Penny Opera?

The musical hit parade was followed up by the EU anthem, which is of course
Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, played in a not at all triumphant but strangely subdued style and accompanied by a ghoulish singer, who to tell you the truth looks about as joyous as a grave robber at sundown.

Perhaps one meant Elegy to Joy.

Last year, the eurovision gong show featured a star-spangled USA motif. More out of ghoulish hand-rubbing than anything else:The New World Order is gloating over the reversal of fortunes since ‘the war’ (the Nazis ‘have won’) and has hijacked the old American symbols of independence and turned them on their heads,” we wrote.

This year there is no sign of the now badly damaged US brand, like ‘Enron’ or ‘Chernobyl.’ In its place we find the surprising inclusion of China in this European song contest, first with a stolen and faked [EU-US M.O.] Chinese ladder trick (see below) and then with one of the evening’s emcees inexplicably dressed in Chinese costume, and sporting a framed photo portrait of the Asian UNO General Secretary, figurehead of the NWO.  The Eurovision 2014 Song Contest motto?  “Join Us.”

Copy cats: EU                                                                                                                                                                        China

Chinese ladder trick--with wires;                                                                                                                                    without wires

Imitation may be a form of flattery but as Ukraine discovered much to its dismay, coming from the EU, what seems an invitation may also be a threat.

For the Chinese, the ladder trick is a balancing act and demonstration of amazing human skill. For the Eurovision show, and in accordance with the foregoing eugenic interpretation, the ladder climbing would be an allusion to the purported human improvement possible through eugenic breeding, or deliberately controlled evolution of the species. Such is the industrial (Fordist) eugenicist dream--a nightmare for the masses whose ‘unworthy’ genetic lines would be snuffed out as part of a reproductive ‘quality control’ process
see Issue No. 3).



Wednesday 14 May 2014

after Hitchcock’s “Psycho”