Cancer of the Opposition


When the Opposition Gets Cancer

Removing highly-placed political opponents from standing in the way of a given agenda--even pre-emptively--is as old as the proverbial cup of hemlock.

This is now 2014 remember...the 21st century...and the advances in both technical capabilities and totalitarian information control mean that never before has there been such discretion available for covert jobs and never has the psych job on collective consciousness been stronger--where wars of aggression are euphemized into humanitarian interventions and politically inopportune overt assassination becomes terminal illness.

The ingestion (or other implantation) of tiny amounts of a radioactive substance is a powerful carcinogen. ‘Depleted’ uranium ‘fallout’ in NATO war zones is an established example of the new use of radiation as a non-nuclear weapon of war whose effect is a not directly traceable slow-kill by cancer. Non-ionizing* radiation like microwaves for remote electroshock in Radio Frequency Directed Energy Weapons (RFDEW in Pentagonese) is a core part of the new US Air Force non-lethal weapon covert torture arsenal.

Cancer-causing radiation poisoning with fast-decaying, hard-to-trace radioactive isotopes** like Polonium-210 has been confirmed to have been used in the recent past to eliminate VIP political opposition. The 2013 examination of the remains of the late PLO Leader Yasser Arafat (d. 2004) by Swiss investigators (CHUV, Lausanne) found very high levels of polonium, effectively confirming suspicions of polonium poisoning raised by the earlier posthumous examination of his personal effects, which had also found very high levels of the poison. The scientists also found high levels of lead, which is a tell tale by-product of radioactive decay.

Polonium has a half-life of 138 days. The synthetic radioactive chemical astatine, which like iodine accumulates in the thyroid, has a half-life of only 8.5 hours (‘evaporates’ in 17 hours).

Remember Hugo Chavez? That Latin bull with a sharp Left horn buried in the ribs of the Western establishment? Friend of Castro, in the process of integrating Latin America under the Socialist model (ALBA--Alliance Bolivarian for the people of our America)? Dead at 58, of complications from cancer (pelvic tumor 2011), after surviving assassination and coup attempts. His successor, Nicolas Maduro, has claimed publicly that Chavez was assassinated by cancer inoculation. Chavez himself had speculated that the US had a cancer weapon.

In America’s ‘backyard’ fiefdom, stirrings for independence have proven to be very bad for your health, with a virtual epidemic of cancer breaking out among the leading opponents of Yankee rule there.

Among Chavez’s ALBA comrades or allies, five (5) more Latin leaders developed cancer in just the five-year period of 2006-11:

  1. Brazil’s Lula (throat tumor--2011);

  2. Lula’s successor, the current president, Dilma Roussef (lymphoma, axillar tumor--2009);

  3. Argentina’s Cristina Kirchner (thyroid cancer--2011);

  4. Paraguay’s Fernando Lugo (lymphoma, pelvic tumor---2010);

  5. ? Fidel Castro, Cuba

Hugo Chavez’s inspiration, Fidel Castro--whether his current illness, which may be cancer-related, is due to age alone or not--was famously targeted with hundreds of failed CIA assassination plots, as a longstanding thorn in the side of the USA, establishing the unmissable precedent.

The cancer epidemic among the leaders of the Latin New Left is a glaring anomaly, statistically aberrant and strategically too convenient, that argues strongly in favor of the existence of NATO ‘cancer weapons.’

  1. *ionizing radiation--energy, from radioactive substances, sufficiently powerful as to change the net charge of, or ‘ionize’ atoms on the receiving end.

** isotope--different form of the same chemical element


Saturday, 26 July 2014