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Seeing Red: “Skype Recording”

Microsoft’s Skype recording video & calls without consent

Above is part of a screen shot from my iPad, which I used to use to make international calls on Skype. The image shows the desktop with some icons on it, as usual, snapped while I was talking in a Skype video call. But notice the red bar across the top of the screen. In the upper right corner, to the left of the battery full (100%) symbol, you’ll see a surprising message: “Skype recording.”

Microsoft’s Skype has started (openly) recording calls--at least for the lucky few like me--a journalist.

Although I have long known that Microsoft and NSA (National Security Agency) were joined at the hip, I was still seeing red after spotting this and so I contacted Skype/Microsoft about it in their online chat. I was handed off once or twice before being told I would be connected with an “agent” trained to deal with “cases” like mine.

The specially trained agent, to be brief, had evidently learned well how to play dumb and did not even acknowledge the problem (the crime), much less offer any resolution or apology about it.

As it happens, I had been talking with someone in North America. When I told them about the blatant new outrage and that they should be aware, if they weren’t already, that their calls--at least with me--were being recorded, they refused to believe it--despite many months now of headline news coverage of the gargantuan, trans-Atlantic state spying apparatus snarfing up private communications.

The king can do no wrong in the glazed eyes of (some of) his brainwashed subjects.

On the 40th anniversary of Watergate and the Nixon wiretaps,* the Skype “Recording” message shows how far Amerika has since sunk--now a lawless police state. It also shows Watergate’s legacy and the lesson learnt: a cover-up discovered is tantamount to an admission of guilt. When you break the law, you do it openly and righteously (warrantless wiretaps--in violation of the US Fourth Amendment-- are now called ‘lawful intercepts’).

  1. *While he resigned in disgrace for law-breaking (wiretaps and burglary) on August 9, 1974, Richard ‘AIDS’ Nixon--a former protégé of Nazi supporter Prescott Bush--was a wayward boy scout in comparison to today’s evil doers, who not only abuse power and violate the law but have torn it up entirely, and instituted intrusion on an industrial scale as an everyday matter of course--along with official mass molestation/assault, for good measure, at airports, under the new Total Control paradigm. And that’s just accounting for a single law (the 4th amendment).

Note: Not only Skype but also other VOIP providers, such as ‘Whistle,’ ‘Viber’ are systematically recording private phone conversations...

Update: Since this post, ‘App store’ and the like offer a Skype Recorder app--listed number one in popularity, as if the surveillance trend in the United Stasi States is riding a wave of popular demand to record friends and families’ private conversations: with friends like these...

In the case described here, the recording takes place even when the party on the other end is on a landline. Which would leave only Microsoft-NSA and not my interlocutor as the culprits, in the Skype example.


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

iPad desktop screen shot (top portion)