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A Fresh Approach to TOEFL Prep

Welcome students of English as a foreign language to the TOEFL Sim—a TOEFL training resource offering realistic simulations of the new format internet-based test (iBT). You've come to the right place for next generation TOEFL preparation.


TOEFL is the Test Of English as a Foreign Language, presented here in full-length, timed practice tests.

From the new Speaking section to drag-and-drop interactive question types, the Sim tests are fully compliant with ETS specifications. They offer both a chance to get to know the new test format and a means of focused training to develop TOEFL skills and maximize your score on test day.

Powerful Review & Tracking Tools

The TOEFL Sim comes equipped with time-saving study tools as well. After you've finished a practice test (or just a section), go to the Sim's Review pages for a second look. There you'll find full answer explanations, transcripts of the dialogues and lectures you just heard and fully controllable audio review to catch what you might have missed the first time.

All three full-length tests are free to try. To begin, click the "Start" button above (left). Please make sure you have Adobe Flash Player version 8 or higher installed. Attention iPAD users : ( You do not have FLASH support.

System Requirements
2 Adobe Flash Player 8+
1 Tested on PC/Mac

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